人教版新目标九年级英语上册unit 2 复习提纲

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人教版新目标九年级英语上册unit 2 复习提纲

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人教版新目标九年级英语上册unit 2 复习提纲

unit 2 I think that mooncakes are delicious.
宾语从句:三要素 1.连接词  2. 语序: 陈述句语序  3:时态
1. 连接词 :
a. 当宾语从句是陈述句时,用that 引导,that在口语中常省略
  I think (that) he will return in an hour.
 注意: that在下列情况中不能被省略 :从句的主语就是that, 连接词that 不可省略
b. 当宾语从句为一般疑问句时, 用whether/ if 连接, 语序用陈述句
 I wonder if they’ll have the races next year.
  注意:if 和whether 可互换,但是在有些情况下只能用whether
     ①当从句里有or not时,只能用whether: I don’t know whether they’ll come or not.
     ②动词不定式前只用whether: He doesn’t know whether to go.
  ③介词后通常用whether: It depends on whether it rains.
  ④从句前置,用whether:  Whether he will come to the party , I don’t know.
 Could you please tell me how I can get to the post office?
2. 语序:宾语从句的语序必须为陈述句语序
3. 时态:a. 当主句为一般现在时,从句的时态根据实际情况而定,如:
        I think that he went to Shanghai yesterday.  /  I think that he will go to Shanghai.
      b.当主句为过去时, 从句要使用相应的过去时态,如:
        He wondered what you were doing.
      c. 当从句表达的内容是真理,自然规律,客观事实,名人名言,不受主句时态的影响,永远都用一般现在时,如:The teacher told us that the earth goes around the sun./  He told me that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

visit relatives 拜访亲戚   eat out出去吃,下馆子  put on five pounds长了5磅肉
put on weight 增肥  lose weight减肥  put on 穿衣服的动作  put on 上演,表演
guess what? 你猜怎么着? be similar to和…相似  throw water at each other互相泼水
wash away冲走   in the new year在新的一年里 

have been doing 现在完成进行时,表示动作从过去延续到现在,并且还可能继续延续下去
I have been learning English for 5 years.

be in the shape of呈…的形状 full moon 满月   on mid-autumn night在中秋之夜(具体到某天上午、下午、晚上用on)  carry people’s wishes寄托着人们的祝愿   miss doing sth错过做某事   traditional folk stories传统的民间故事   shoot down射下,击落 
whoever无论谁=no matter who   live forever长生不老   plan to do sth计划做某事

steal---stole ---stolen  steal…from从…偷    refuse to do sth拒绝做某事  
fly up to the moon 飞向月球  call out one’s name大声呼喊某人的名字  lay out摆开,布置
the tradition of…的传统   admire the moon赏月   admire sb for sth因为某事而仰慕某人
share sth with sb和某人分享某物    as a result因此,结果    take the medicine吃药

the most touching 最令人感动的( touching 修饰物=moving,  touched修饰人=moved)

lie :动词,躺,存在,位于 lie----lay----lain-----lying       撒谎  lie-----lied---lied-----lying
lie:名词,tell a lie / tell lies撒谎
lay:动词,下蛋,产卵   lay---laid---laid---laying

What fun the Water Festival is!   What fun it is !

one…the other (一个…另一个…)     instead of doing 代替做某事  
on the second Sunday of May 在五月的第二个星期天  dress up as a ghost装扮成鬼

trick or treat不给糖就捣蛋   play a trick on sb/play tricks on sb 对某人恶作剧,开某人的玩笑
treat :动词,礼待,对待 
treat….as… 把某人看作、视为  Don’t treat me as a fool. 别把我当傻子。

the true meaning of Christmas圣诞节的真谛  think of 想起,认为,考虑

But behind all these things lies the true meaning of Christmas.这是一个倒装句,正常的语序应该是:The true meaning of Christmas lies behind all these things.

the importance of doing sth 做某事的重要性  make more money挣跟多的钱

a famous short novel written by Charles Dickens 一个由查尔斯狄更斯写的著名短篇小说
written 过去分词作后置定语,修饰novel , 含有被动的意思。
I like the novels written by Lu Xun.

mean :动词,意思,打算,意味 ,What do you mean?
       形容词,吝啬的,刻薄的 , Don’t be so mean to me.

He just cares about whether he can make more money. 这里的whether不可以换成if, 因为前面有介词about, 只能用whether.

punish:动词,惩罚, 名词是punishment
punish sb for sth 因为某事而惩罚某人 His father punished him for telling a lie.
be punished被惩罚,被动语态

warn sb to to sth警告某人去做某事 My teacher warned me to arrive at school on time.
warn sb not to do sth警告某人不要做某事 He warned me not to play computer games.
warn sb about/ of sth提醒、告诫某人某事 He warned me about the rainstorm.
warn sb against doing sth告诫某人提防,警告某人不要 He warned me against going out alone.

dead 形容词,死去的,死亡的  die 动词,死亡   death 名词 死亡

used to do sth 过去常做某事   be used to doing sth 习惯做某事
be used to do sth被用来做某事= be used for doing sth

end up 最后成为,最终处于
end up with 以…结束 The party ended up with a song.  (反义短语begin with)
end up doing sth以做某事结束  The party ended up singing an English song.

expect sb to do sth期待某人去做某事  take sb back to 把某人带回
remind sb to do sth提醒某人去做某事   remind sb of sth使某人想起某事

wake up 醒来  decide to do sth决定做某事   promise to do sth承诺去做某事
people in need 需要帮助的人  treat everyone with kindness and warmth在这善良和温暖对待每个人     spread 传播,蔓延  spread ---spread---spread

give birth to 生产,产仔,养育  His sister gave birth to a baby girl.
give out 分发   put off推迟,延期   put out 熄灭,灭火   put away把…收起来

文 章来源 莲
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